The Largest Regulation Crowdfunding Platform by Every Measure.

“Kickstarter for investing” was legalized on May 16th, 2016: now, anyone can invest $100 in a startup or local business. Since then, we have become the largest Regulation Crowdfunding platform, larger than all of our competitors combined. We’ve been preparing since 2012, when we helped pass the JOBS Act that made this all possible and were invited by Congress to watch it signed into law in the Rose Garden.

Our Ambition.

We aim to revitalize capitalism and keep the American dream alive. GDP growth is slowing. Wealth inequality is increasing. Entrepreneurship is dying across America; falling from 10.6% to 3.6% among those under 30 since 1989. We aim to reverse these trends by funding more deserving businesses. Our goal is to build a new type of stock market (“a NASDAQ for riskier ventures”) that lets us fund tens of thousands more startups and small businesses.

Select Key Facts.

  • $199,657 revenue and $56,065 profit in September 2017.
  • $115,000/month avg. revenue over last 6 months.
  • $50 million+ of investments made on Wefunder
  • 165+ startups and small businesses and 125,000+ investors
  • 50% market share in Regulation Crowdfunding
  • $2 billion+ increase in total market valuation of portfolio since funded
  • Helped Congress pass JOBS Act in 2012; invited to watch Obama sign
  • We’re a Public Benefit Corporation with a mission of defending the American Dream

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