Amazing App Every Dispensary Needs: Prescriptii.

From Global Cannabis Application Corp (FUAPF) $0.09, this is pure genius. They have an app using AI to get “real-time” recommendations from users which matches needs (say anxiety) to various strains of weed, so the user can benefit from what actual users are saying, rather than going out and experimenting and possibly wasting money.

See full set of videos below!

Think of it as the digital Budtender of the year! “Need a little pep in your step?, well give this a try.” “Stock market action making you a little anxious?, well give this a try.”

Using real time AI, Prescriptii can recommend what you need.

The genius part is it hooks up to a dispensaries inventory, making it easier for the consumer to get started. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the value and the importance of patient data. Having a clear picture about what is selling, what is working for which ailments, coupled with patient experiences, is incredibly valuable to dispensaries, licensed producers, strategic marketers, and regulators, who we beleive will gladly pay for this data. 

Stock wise we added this to the watch list in 2016 when it was trading at $0.09 and as you can in the chart below, it traded up nearly eight-fold as word got out, on what they were “working” on.

Now despite graduating from development mode to launch mode (which often happens), the share price has come back to where it started. This could be one of the biggest turnarounds and movers in 2019, as it rolls out.  

We’re adding it to our focus list here @ $0.09 again.

The Company believes introducing the medical cannabis technology to retail dispensaries will begin generating revenue in short order. In October they launched a major marketing and sales campaign targeting medical cannabis dispensaries in California, Colorado and Arizona.

They set up a new website that presents all the information necessary for medical cannabis retailers to learn about how their smart technology that drives the Citizen Green Community can improve patient outcomes and grow retail dispensaries. 


Citizen Green Prescriptii Patient Care Solution:

Prescriptii Patient Care solution – Tracking Patient Progress

The Prescriptii Patient Onboarding and Dispensary Linking Process