Big Ridge Farms

Big Ridge Farms


Big Ridge Farms in Coulee City, Washington is where it all starts. We know that each of our products are at the peak of freshness and are produced from choice local cannabis, because, well—we source it from our own farm.



Big Ridge Farms is truly one of the most unique cannabis farms in Washington State. Nestled above Banks Lake, our farm is home to cultivators dedicated to providing quality products at an affordable price. With access to low cost power, clean well water, and an abundance of beautiful sunshine, we are able to sustainably grow indoors, as well as outdoors in our own expansive greenhouses.

As we continue to grow our facilities, the opportunity is open for your operation to grow with us. Our state-of-the-art farm is custom suited for sustainable growth and quality plantings year after year. Email us today to learn more.

We work tirelessly to perfect our craft day in and day out. We hope you enjoy our product as much as we enjoy growing it!


Washington State is one of the few states in America where recreational marijuana has been legalized. With that, a strict code of conduct has been implemented to guide retail establishments and manufacturers of cannabis products of properly labeling, packaging, sales and distribution of all products containing cannabis.

Look for this logo on every edible we sell and distribute, discouraging the use of the product for those under 21.

We work hard with our government partners, quality testing labs, and retail clients to make sure our products meet or exceed all necessary documentation and labeling regulations. Thank you for supporting us in this effort.


Our passion and dedication to quality is paramount to the success of each and every product we produce.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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