Cannabis Real Estate Investment Fund.

Pacific Century Holdings Fund I is an investment vehicle capitalizing on the scarcity of real estate assets for the cannabis industry. Investors participate in a geographically diversified portfolio composed of municipal- and state-approved cannabis real estate. Assets are professionally managed and leased to compliant and audited operators, with the expectation of outperforming traditional real estate returns. The general partner, Pacific Century Holdings, has assembled industry experts to prudently allocate capital and manage assets within this complex emerging market.

PCH Fund I provides Accredited Investors partners unique waterfall participation in this targeted real estate asset class. To ensure proper risk mitigation, PCH has established a management team with an expert understanding of varying local regulations and deep-seated relationships with compliant cannabis operators. Professionally managed and allocated assets are invested to provide limited partners a preferred rate of return. PCH Fund I is geographically and operationally diversified. Team members contribute experience from banking, real estate, cannabis, and fund management for the benefit of limited partners.

More about the Cannabis Real Estate Investment Fund (REIF):

The Fund intends to acquire or develop properties with values between $1 million and $5 million that meet the unique operating requirements of the cannabis industry.
Further, the Fund will target its investment to those properties that benefit from the current constraint on supply, selecting only those that have locations lending themselves to strong potential performance as traditional commercial real estate as the market matures and supply more closely matches demand.

The Fund will lease properties on a triple-net lease basis. Tenants will be responsible for all aspects of and costs related to the property and its operation during the lease term, including maintenance, taxes, and insurance. For those properties with a single or master tenant, the Fund will seek to structure leases that motivate tenants to become owners.

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