Capital Ideas TV. Blockchain Special Episode Part II.

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to the CEO of freshly public eXeBlock Technology (XBLK-CSE), which is developing decentralized apps (dapps), and has a historic, unlikely and cool spot for its headquarters.

As a bonus, watch out tomorrow for an exclusive interview with contributor Fabrice Taylor, who owns eXeBlock shares, and believes the company may be the best of the blockchain bunch.

We speak to the CEO of Leonovus, which is developing blockchain storage security for RBC and has surged since our first interview.

We talk to the CEO of GMP Capital, who is so convinced of blockchain’s future that he set up a dedicated team of analysts and bankers to explore, finance and guide blockchain companies.

Plus, contributor Genevieve Roch-Decter sits down with Blockchain Revolution co-author, Alex Tapscott, to talk about blockchain’s impact and future.