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Video: Today is Cannabis 2.0 Day in Canada!

On Oct. 17 Canada as a nation, finally legalizes cannabis-infused beverages, edibles, vapes, and similar products.

Kushco’s (KSHB) $1.44 View on Vaping.

Instead of lying on its laurels and hoping the air of uncertainty fades, management at Kushco put together its view of the current problems the Vape sector is facing.

Video: How to Sell Your Very Own CBD! (Scroll Down for Dr. Oz...

Read More Below. Joy Organics, who is a wholesale/seller (not manufacturer) of CBD, has put together a collection of well done 'how-to-sell' CBD videos....

We Said You Can’t Say That! The FDA.

FTC Sends Warning Letters to Companies Advertising Their CBD-Infused Products as Treatments for Serious Diseases, Including Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Multiple Sclerosis As part of its regular monitoring of...

CBD Poisonings, Yup There’s an App for That.

As the Sales of CBD are Booming, so are the Poisonings. The American Association of Poison Control Centers is a national non-profit organization representing each of the 55...

Good Lord. Counterfeit Marijuana Testing Certificates? What Next.

Life has stabilized for California marijuana testing labs since 2018, but hurdles remain (MJBiz). One testing company – Santa Cruz-based SC Labs – has sent a flurry...

Nass Valley (NVG.CN) Joint Venture Partner Wins 10 Most Influential Companies Award.

(Trading Symbol: NGC-CA, NSVGF-US, 3NVN-Berlin) INTERVIEW: Nass Valley CEO & COO Gavin Collier and Jordan Erskine, Win Award for DBS, Nass Valley's Joint Venture CBD Manufacturing Partner.

Video: What is CBD OIL?

What is CBD Oil, How it Works and What is it Used for from MarijuanaBreak on Vimeo.