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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Boveda Interview: Importance of Correct Humidity in Cannabis (Ganjly).

"Nailing the specific humidity to regional preferences." We interview, Charles Rutherford II, Business Development Director of Boveda, the importance of the correct humidity in storing cannabis. Charles answers the following questions from Ganjly: 1. What is humidity and why...

Happy New Year!

CULTIVATION PODS The most technologically advanced cannabis cultivation facilities. Converted Containers specializes in engineering and building Inter modular Steel Building Unit (ISBU) for the cannabis industry. We do this by converting shipping containers into fully automated...

Christmas Idea: Fizzics Waytap – Draft Beer System

Turn any growler, can or bottle of beer into the fresh taste of draft. BUY NOW Fizzics helps people discover the true taste of beer. We believe that the walls which separate us from the best...

Invest in AppScooter

*9/2/17 We're building AppScooter, also known as "The Dutch Tesla on 2 Wheels". At Bolt, we are re-inventing personal mobility, starting with the scooter. Our first product is AppScooter®. The all-electric scooter that accelerates from 0 to...