Canopy Growth

“Canopy (CGC) Isn’t Just Selling bad Weed. It’s Setting new Standards for Badness.”

Canopy Growth (WEED.T) financials are catastrophic, $374m loss, $32m in returned product/writedowns (Equity.Guru) Listen up, true believers – Canopy Growth Corp (WEED.T) will not be rewarding your love any time...
Stem Holdings, Mrijuana Stock Review

Stem Holdings (SMTV) Launches Award-Winning Cannabis Products in Nevada.

New Travis x James™ and Cannavore™ Brands Bring “The Best Tasting Buds on Earth” to a New Market with More Than 44 Million Annual Visitors Stem Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:...
marijuana stock review

Phytophthora ate 40,000 of my Marijuana Plants in Just Two Days!

Clone wars: how tissue culture became the cannabis industry’s unsung protector (Equity.Guru) Segra International specializes in a form of TC known as micropropagation–a technique some describe as highly-sophisticated cloning–as...

Adding Biome Grow, (BIO.CN, BIOIF) to “Marijuana Bounce Portfolio – Top 20 for 2020”...

Biome Grow (BIO.CN $0.26, BIOIF $0.19). Everything is looking up, except for the share price. Is this the bottom? Revenue in Q2 was approximately four times the level realized...
Cronos, Marijuana Stock Review

Video: Short Cronos (CRON) $10 (in 2018), and THC-V Stops the Munchies!

AND SO HOW DID THIS PLAY OUT? OMG talk about being taken out to the shed. You can't get them all right! And...

Okay, Maybe I Don’t Want to Be a Hemp Farmer!

Harvesting and Processing may be Expensive Lessons for this Year’s new Hemp Farmers (HarvestIndustryDaily). Congress legalized hemp to bring a new crop to farmers hurting from depressed markets,...

Vampire Deer Destroy $24 Million Worth of Marijuana.

And Boy Did They Have a Good Time. Aside from trading commodities, we've made money in every way imaginable including risk arbitrage, flipping closed-end funds and even...

Marijuana Testing: Profile on SC Labs (Video).

SC Labs Tour: Cannabis, Concentrate, Marijuana Edibles Testing Facility
APHA, MArijuana Stock Review

Video: Aphria (APHA) $5.40 CEO on CNCB With Kramer.

Video Link. Live chart. Nice 40% bounce on numbers in early August, but then gave it back. We think it looks cheap here.

Billions in Hemp Dollars Headed Florida’s Way?

Crop of the Future for Florida Agriculture.