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A Crowdfunder Crowdfunds Itself.

The Largest Regulation Crowdfunding Platform by Every Measure. "Kickstarter for investing" was legalized on May 16th, 2016: now, anyone can invest $100 in a startup or local business. Since then, we have become the largest...

France’s Oksen Rum Crowdfunding.

Introduction Over 150 million bottles of spiced rum are sold annually around the world. Following the success enjoyed by boutique gins and vodkas, the opportunity to provide consumers with our spiced rum crafted to an...

Eastside Distilling (ESDI) $3.80 Launches New Bourbons and Whiskeys.

Eastside Distilling, Inc. (ESDI) (“Eastside” or the “Company”), a producer of award-winning craft spirits, today announced first deliveries of West End Blend, an American whiskey that is finished in Oregon Oak. West End is crafted...

Special Interview: CEO of FinCanna Capital

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to FinCanna Capital president, CEO and director Andriyko Herchak about the company's cannabis royalty model, which is focused on California, the largest legal cannabis region in the...

A New Website Wants to be ‘CNBC for Cannabis.

Business Insider reports a new website launched aims to be the cannabis industry's preeminent source for in-depth financial reporting. The Green Market Report will publish news briefs on all facets of the cannabis business, including banking issues, investment,...

Brew Without a Brewery.

BrewBroker aims to become the biggest brewer in the world, all without owning a brewery. Earlier this week, an online marketplace for the global brewing industry BrewBrokerlaunched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube seeking £380,000 as it prepares to expand its platform. Founded...