Diageo’s (DEO) Don Julio Sales Keeps Climbing.

While Diageo’s $700 million bet on Casamigos Tequila has been making headlines this summer, the drinks giant’s Don Julio label remains among the hottest brands within Tequila’s high-end tier. Last year, Don Julio was up 21% to 428,000 cases, according to Impact Databank, and in the year-to-date through June, the brand surged 31% in control states. For 2017, Don Julio is projected to rise 16% to 496,000 cases.

Diageo has expressed confidence in its ability to balance priorities between Casamigos and Don Julio. While Casamigos retails from about $45-$55 a 750-ml., Don Julio skews a bit higher, ranging from about $50 for its Blanco up to $140 for its 1942 expression and into the hundreds of dollars for its top-end Real Extra Añejo. With its upscale positioning, Don Julio has been a solid contributor to the Tequila’s high-end expansion (spearheaded by Patrón), which has seen the above-$40 segment surpass 3 million cases and take a 21% of the total category.

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