Dynamic Blending is a Turnkey Licensed CBD Contract Processor and Manufacturer.

“After many years spent working for other contract manufacturers, we embarked on our own manufacturing adventure in early 2015. In the beginning, Dynamic Blending started as an R&D formulation consultancy group. Our small team developed unmatched formulas and brokered them to other manufacturers for production. As our vision of Dynamic Blending evolved, a light bulb went off! We should be our own manufacturer!”

“Becoming our own manufacturer has led us to be the company we envisioned since the beginning. A motivated, innovative manufacturer who isn’t in it to just make a dollar. We focus on companies of all sizes, even start-ups. From mom and pop businesses with limited funds to Fortune 500 companies, we treat everyone the same. If your brand doesn’t succeed, neither do we. Our innovative, caring approach is unlike any other and won’t be found anywhere else.” Gavin Collier, Jordan Erskine

Gavin Collier, Jordan Erskine and Kathy Ireland




Dynamic Blending Specialist, 523 E 1750 N #100, Vineyard, UT 84059