BDS Analytics, which focuses on the analysis of the legal cannabis industry, estimates the edible market at $669 million in four states alone: California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. All four states have legalized marijuana for both recreational and medical use.

About 40 percent of edible sales were from marijuana-infused candy, BDS reported, with 21 percent going to infused chocolate products.

However, the popularity of various edibles varies from state to state. In California, for instance, infused foods such as baklava, brownies and chocolate chip cookies are popular. That’s not the case in Colorado, BDS Analytics reports. There, candy sales were 49 percent of the edibles market. About 70 percent of the candy sales were gummies.

For a look at the variety in edibles and anecdotal evidence of its growth, an instructive stop is Wana Brands. The leader in marijuana edibles in Colorado, the company is run by Nancy Whiteman, a 59-year-old entrepreneur and mother of two. Wana Brands earns millions selling sour gummies and “made from scratch” edibles and concentrates. It now sells its goods in Oregon, Nevada and Arizona.

Gummies rule. They have them in mango, watermelon, blueberry, apple, grape, orange, pineapple, raspberry and strawberry flavors (among, believe it or not, others). They even produce Game Day Gummies for Denver Broncos fans.

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