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A burgeoning research in cannabis medicine is leading to a better understanding and a steady formalization of CBD treatments for all manner of ailments.

CBDs are the hot item in the cannabis-as-medicine world. They have been for some time, and interest is rising along with cannabis medicine’s commercial appeal. With marijuana medicine in its infancy, we are still learning how CBDs are best used. Universally, CBD is not as effective on its own as it is with other cannabinoids. The most designer instances of cannabinoid treatments use CBD and THC along with other more specialized derivatives CBN, THCv, THCa, CBG in full spectrum cannabis medicine.

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It costs the same to derive CBDs from hemp leaves and greenery as it does to derive it from the leftover trim and greenery of marijuana.

The two most common extraction methods for cannabinoids are: carbon dioxide (CO2) and butane (BHO). CO2 generally has larger startup costs, but is more cost effective in the long run as CO2 is cheaper to purchase. The Vitalis Q90 machine retails for $450,000 CAD and processes an average of 240 lbs of material per day through CO2 extraction. Quadron Cannatech’s The Boss CO2 machine also retails for $450,000 CAD.

Vitalis r-series

Quadron Cannatech The Boss

Butane (BHO) extraction has cheaper startup costs than CO2 extraction, but it’s more costly in the long run as BHO costs more than CO2.

Butane is also highly explosive. The LA Times reported in 2016 that  California Alliance of Drug-Endangered Children had tracked 41 deaths from illegal extract labs in California between 2011 and 2015, largely due to BHO labs.

Illegal BHO lab src: LA Times

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