Funny Monkey Business at Corix Biosciences (CXBS).

We’d like to say were amazed at the lengths some go to, when it is obvious they are leaving a paper trail – including public press releases. But we are not amazed or even surprised having seen it many times before (MSR Editor).

“Joaquin Flores, non-consenting director, who will confirm that not only had his signature been forged, but that he had never agreed to be a director in the first place. Flores is not the first officer and director to be named in spite of the fact that Corix did not receive an acceptance or approval. More recently, Dr. Joseph Curtis had to issue a Cease and Desist letter prohibiting Corix from using his name in connection with the company. Corix had taken the liberty of identifying Dr. Curtis as the company’s Chief Operating Officer & Head-FDA Compliance and Chief Green Officer without his permission.”

Fraud and Forgery Abound at Corix Bioscience (CXBS) (Clipper Corporate Partners).

Unless he is like so many criminals who have deluded themselves into thinking that they have done nothing wrong, Michael Osborn who is a penitentiary guest for the second time as he now serves a 77 month stint for being “innocent” comes to mind, Michael Ogburn-the name similarities are just a coincidence–should be losing sleep at night.

Ogburn’s Stupid Press Release

It speaks volumes that Corix only issued the press release of January 10, 2018 in response to my own release of January 2nd. One should wonder why Corix didn’t inform its shareholders of the lawsuit when it was first served onto the company’s Agent for Service of Process on November 17, 2017 and by email to the company’s attorney, Anthony Paesano, who requested a copy of the complaint on November 20, 2017. Perhaps the 54% drop in Corix’ share price between November 17 and January 2 explains the silence.

The idea of using a press release to misrepresent confidential settlement discussions, especially when his counsel took part in them, can only be construed as Ogburn’s way of trying to rehabilitate himself and the scam he is running. For his recognition of the “numerous lawsuits” I’ve filed, he failed to realize that I usually get to the bottom of the scheme. Almost all of the companies I have litigated against are now either suspended by the SEC or dormant, and many of the perpetrators of the schemes are or have been indicted or fined. In Ogburn’s case, the trail of breadcrumbs leading to the fraud perpetrated is so wide that he would have to be pretty stupid or cocky to think that he would not eventually be called onto the carpet. No matter what he tries, and no matter how he “respond[s] accordingly through the judicial process”, Jesus himself won’t be able to rehabilitate neither Michael Ogburn, Sean Zarinegar nor Corix Bioscience.

Forging Signatures on Federal Documents is a No-No

I issue press releases about my litigation so that people have an idea that the subject(s) of the litigation are scams or scam artists.  At a minimum, this will encourage future investors to think twice before buying stock in whatever fraud is being perpetrated.  And to be absolutely clear, Corix Bioscience, Inc. is a fraud being perpetrated by Michael Ogburn, Sean Zarinegar and others I will identify later.

Another benefit of issuing press releases regarding my lawsuits is that victims come out of the woods to tell me their story.  I don’t know that I’ve ever had more people call me about a scam than after my initial press release about the Corix litigation.

Since I issued my January 2nd press release, many people who claim that they were lied to by Michael Ogburn and Sean Zarinegar have called. It appears that Zarinegar and his staff were selling interest bearing investments without a license and then converting them to AHIT stock, contrary to promises that were made. Zarinegar has already had problems with various state securities commissions in the past (see herehere and here), so these transgressions are not shocking.  However he did not advise his investors that his past sanctions were in effect.

Even more disturbing is the revelation that many victims have had their names taken from them.

It has come to my attention that a Schedule 14C, filed by the company on April 21, 2017 contains several forged signatures, including that of a purported company officer. This is not just my opinion. Several of the subjects who had their named forged have come forward and a couple have stated that Ogburn has admitted to forging their names. An examination of the signatures on the Schedule 14C indicate that almost all of the signatures look eerily similar to Ogburn’s. I have scheduled depositions to take place over the next three weeks, to get the statements of these forgery victims on the record. In the meantime, let’s look at just one of the many examples:

Joaquin Flores, who was identified as a director of Corix, even though he never gave his consent, has his name forged on several documents.  In this filing, Corix appends Flores’ letter effectively telling Ogburn to stop using his name.  Note his signature at the bottom.  Flores himself has confirmed the authenticity of this document to me.

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