Life has stabilized for California marijuana testing labs since 2018, but hurdles remain (MJBiz).

One testing company – Santa Cruz-based SC Labs – has sent a flurry of cease-and-desist letter to companies.

Ian Rice, SC Labs C0-Founder

“My brand shows up on so many products that I’ve never heard of and I’ve never tested for, that it’s a bit frustrating. So we have a steady stream of cease-and-desist letters that go out,” said Jeff Gray, SC Labs’ CEO and founder. He estimated that SC Labs has sent up to 25 such letters in the past year.

Part of the problem is the illicit market is still so strong and undercutting legal retailers and growers.

Many of those companies haven’t been able to – or simply don’t want to – pay the fees labs charge for testing services, said Greg Magdoff, CEO of PharmLabs, which has testing facilities in San Diego, Monrovia and Coachella.

It’s usually either because clients are strapped for cash or because they’re unhappy with the actual lab results on their products, Magdoff said.

What’s a little mold going to do.

Several labs reported that they’ve had to chase down instances with clients where a company has paid to have a small sample of a wholesale batch tested and then misrepresented to potential buyers that everything that was for sale was lab-tested.

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