Came across these great videos from Midwest farm country. A stark reminder that this is the farming business with Hemp Growers facing the same challenges all farmers face including too much or too little rain, wind, quality of soil, Combines getting jammed and dealing with the Federal Farm Bill.

North Carolina, Transitioning Farming from Tobacco, Paper and Biodeisel to Hemp.

Legacy Hemp, the Business and Marketing of Hemp.

Legacy Hemp, Industrial Hemp growing and Harvesting.

Legacy Hemp, LLC had been a forerunner in the American industrial hemp industry since the resurgence of a newly re-legalized, historical crop. Our affiliates have been playing key roles across multiple industries to push legislation in favor of industrial hemp once again. Even before the passing of the 2014 Federal Farm bill, which began the process of lifting the ban on industrial hemp, our team has understood the potential for hemp with so many uses. Legacy Hemp founder, Ken Anderson, has seen the potential first hand in utilizing hemp based products to produce sustainable affordable, building material, food products, and as alternatives to a variety of other non-renewable products. Ken has since worked tirelessly to provide these miraculous benefits back to the consumers of the United States and across the world. The industrial hemp industry is here to stay in America. Legacy Hemp grows the legacy of industrial hemp.

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Cornell Industrial Hemp Field Day, Ithaca, N.Y.

Hemp Holds the key to a Sustainable Future. Replacing Plastic? | Amy Ansel | TEDxSeattle

Hemp: The Multi-Billion Dollar Crop (Part 1)

Part 2.

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