Investor Meeting. Green Table Global.

Interesting what you find surfing the net. This is from a couple years back and we heard another meeting is being put together in early March in Colorado.

Green Table Dinner | A Professional Cannabis Experience.

Meet the creators of Green Table, the next conversation you’ll have about cannabis. Green Table is a unique dining and networking experience in which legitimate cannabis companies are paired with high end investors in an attempt to get worthy cannabis companies traction to push forward in their business.

At Green Table, our goal is relatively simple: to elevate and mainstream the conversations and interactions within the cannabis industry.

We host premium dinner events where we bring together influencers, investors and experts to exchange ideas, support and resources. We take pride in forging material results for our guests.

We provide the opportunity for Cannabis-related companies to present their business to investors who understand, support, and believe in the industry.

We recognize that supporting the growth of the industry is vital to driving positive change. By providing the opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs to connect, we are accelerating growth within the industry. That growth in turn affects the perception of the industry, and of Cannabis itself, by society as a whole.

If you are in the Cannabis space and are looking to forge new relationships and establish leadership, then please contact us for details on the opportunity to have “a seat at our table”.