$210 Million in Identifiable Growth Properties.

The Next Big Canadian Cannabis Conglomerate?

We are adding Biome Grow Inc (CSE: BIO) to the Watch List which began trading today @$1.49 CDN. We are excited to add them to our roster of fast-growing and unique Cannabis clients. This report is a heads-up to be followed by a more in-depth report in addition to providing ongoing coverage as they build out their current properties and potentially acquire more.

Run by a highly experienced team of financial and industry experts, Biome Grow has acquired four companies in the space, prior to going public with revenue potential exceeding $200 million. As such we feel highly confident they can identify additional properties, while at the same building out their current properties with the goal of truly becoming Canada’s next big Cannabis Conglomerate.

Currently, the company has 390,000 sq. feet of targeted production capacity, which if fully developed has the potential to make Biome one of Canada’s largest diversified growers. And again, these properties were all acquired prior to Biome going public.

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