Legitimizing the cannabis industry through proper budtender education and training.

MJ Hybrid Solutions is an online sales training and cannabis education platform that exists to legitimize the cannabis industry through proper dispensary staff education and training.

The cannabis industry is changing. There are now millions of new consumers, who are coming into dispensaries with very little knowledge looking for a product that is best for their needs.

Problem:  Although approximately half of budtenders report receiving some sort of formal training, only 20% have any medical background on the health effects of marijuana, and just 13% had received any education on the science of the medical cannabis, researchers have found. This leads to Increased liability, lack of legitimacy, and decreased customer loyalty, which ultimately decreases sales. A properly trained staff is needed to compete in tomorrow’s cannabis market.

Solution:   Our solution is a two-fold approach. In order to effectively meet the consumers’ needs, the employee needs to be trained on:

  1. Cannabis education and science; and
  2. How to effectively communicate to meet each individual’s needs.

We believe this training will ultimately help dispensaries sell more. Our training is all done online through an interactive learning management system.

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