Terry Sperstad, Senior Vice President of Key Accounts for New Age commented, “We knew we had a winner with the Marley Mate™ brand and taste preference over competition, but the response from retailers and our distribution partners has been unlike anything we have seen before. We have had to triple our initial production plans already, have additional commitments from other retailers already rolling out in 2018, and know we are just getting started.”

Marley Mate™ which earlier in the month gained commitment for launch from 7 Eleven, has been ramping up production and began initial shipments this week. Haralambos Beverage Company is the largest beverage distributor in Southern California, and has historically distributed a competitive Yerba Mate product until their decision to switch to the New Age Organic Marley yerba Mate™. Sales of the competitor across Southern California alone eclipsed more than $3 million per month. New Age’s other partners including Hensley, one of the largest distributors in the United States, Folsom, Palmentere and others have also made similar decisions to extend their one-stop-shop relationship with New Age and take on the new Marley Mate™ brand.


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