While much of the Cannabis Press is focused on Colorado the ‘first state’ and California, with an estimated 5 million pot smokers – up in Washington State, home of Affordable Green Holdings – Jake George has become widely known as an elder statesman and the ‘Northwest King of Cannabis.’

He has over nine years of boots on the ground background and experience, dealing in nearly all facets of the business from seed to store – which includes navigating banking and taxation issues.

Sought after for his advice related to zoning, growing and more – we had a chance to speak at length, where he asked us the first question – being “Do you have any idea how large the industry is up here in Washington State?” We guessed $20 maybe $50 million. He replied, “In the last two years, Washington residents have spent a total number of just over $1.6 billion on the marijuana! That’s almost $2 billion dollars being spent just at the retail level.”

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