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Tinley Beverage Has All of the Characteristics of Becoming a Major CBD/THC Co-Packer – Bottler.

“If Launching a New Cannabis Beverage Brand is One of the Most Exciting Ventures Known to Man, Jumping Through California’s Regulatory Hurdles to Create One of the First State-of-the-Art Bottling Plants to Permit Others to Create Brands, is 10 Times as Exciting.”

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It’s no big secret wherever the sale of recreational Cannabis is approved, sales of traditional recreational products (Beer, Wine, Spirits) take a measurable dip. It can’t be ignored and it has the multi-billion dollar majors such as Diageo ($DEO), Constellation ($STZ), Heineken ($HEINY) and MillerCoors ($TAP) thinking and taking early stakes in CBD and THC infused start-ups.

Concerned would not be an accurate description of their thinking though. As in ‘concerned’, they may lose market share to currently unknown players, the way Budweiser suffered from the sting of 5,000 small craft beer brewers, that popped up in under a decade.

What they’re really thinking is “we need to own this market.” As in we-need-to-own this market. The alcohol non-alcohol industry doesn’t look at Cannabis as a competing product, they look at it as a natural line extension they want to own and/or participate in.

They understand there is a massive multi-billion dollar opportunity for a) legacy brands being infused, for newly launched infused brands and b) for bottlers, packers and distributors and c) and all the way to the end of the food chain which is dispensaries and eventually secure outlets such as liquor stores and retail establishments (think bars).  

What’s exciting about Tinley’s Beverage newly launched brands is that they’re truly similar in nature to alcohol, though they are not allowed to be mixed with alcohol (within the same product packaging).

Tinley experts have finished developing a showcase of delicious products tasting like a Margarita, Moscow Mule, Fireball, Coconut Rum, and even Amaretto!

While any one of these brands could individually become a standalone hit with consumers, they also function to demonstrate to third-party brands that Tinley Beverage has the capabilities to manufacture the best tasting products for them too.

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