The deeper you get into pairing cannabis and wine, the more complex and subtle the whole process becomes. Pot ain’t just pot no more. Indica tends to make the user sleepy, and if you pair it with a Cab or a Merlot there’s a good chance you’ll get more drowsy than buzzy. Sativa is known to give bursts of energy, sometimes manic. A nice glass of Chardonnay might take the edge off the need to rearrange your spices alphabetically.

Don’t Try This at Home.

It is, you should know, all abut the terpenes—the fragrant oils that give both cannabis and wine their distinctive aromas. The terpene called linalool smells like lavender. Myrcene is what makes mango smell like mango—why do you think they call it Mango Kush. What used to be dismissed as Culiacan Trash, a mass of seeds and stems that was about as psychoactive as oregano (and often was oregano), is long lost. Good riddance. It was cheap and worthless; today’s cannabis is anything but. Gourmet weed mixed with gourmet wines. What a long strange trip it’s been.

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