Biome is built to become the next Canadian cannabis conglomerate. Diversified in its holdings, Biome is steered by leaders in the cannabis space – in finance, growing technologies, regulatory affairs, business building and marketing. This team has learned from the mistakes and successes of the cannabis companies that have come before us and is using those lessons to quickly become one of Canada’s leaders in medical and recreational cannabis businesses. It is built for growth and built to last in an exciting but volatile space that will see much shakeup in the coming months and years.

Biome has also taken a different approach to the market than its competitors. It is focused on the local consumer – what they want in a product, and in a buying experience. It is focused on regional cannabis growing and business growth with an emphasis in Atlantic Canada. And it has expertise to attack the burgeoning global market from its Canadian base.

A company unlike any other in the Canadian cannabis marketplace, Biome has the approach, leadership and financing to be a dominant player in the industry.