UAMM: Ready to Roll in the Marijuana Sector!


Here in late December 2017, we are days away from the full legalization of recreational marijuana in the 6th largest economy in the world – California.  This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity for both businesses and investors alike.

Who is UA Multimedia?

UA Multimedia, (OTC Pink: UAMM), is a technology company that leverages modern web technology and social media to provide information and marketing services to companies in the marijuana industry.

UAMM owns and operates 3 websites:

MJCircle: a classified ads portal for products, services and jobs related to the cannabis industry.  The portal serves as a central location for users to post cannabis industry jobs, items for sale, services offered or upcoming events. The website is set up like Craigslist (think Craigslist of all things marijuana related) and launched on August 17, 2017 (see: press release).  In the 4 months since launch, UAMM has built its user base on free advertising with a strategy in place to incorporate ffee-basedpremium services.  The growth of the site has been staggering, as there are currently 3,600+ for sale listings, 220+ jobs, 220+ events, and much more.  On January 1st, the site will begin creating significant revenue with the premium services kicking in.

Cannaxa: is a B2B platform for companies conducting business in the cannabis industry.  Cannaxa brings businesses and service providers together in an environment that fosters mutual growth.  Cannaxa connects businesses to qualified service providers to handle all aspects of business ranging from inception to capturing market share.  Cannaxa launched on October 6, 2017 (see: press release) and has shown quick growth and potential.  In the first 2½ months, the site has already 393 providers signed up and 48 customers.  Cannaxa will soon be generating significant revenues as well, as the platform will begin charging a basic or premium listing fee for all registered service providers and job listings.

Cannamedi: an e-commerce website that focuses on the medical aspects of cannabis.  The site has not yet launched, and the company has said to look for the launch in early 2018.

In the most recent press release, UAMM teased that they were considering accepting payments for its services in cryptocurrency in addition to traditional payment methods.  In addition, leveraging its technical background, UAMM has also been reviewing the viability of providing consulting services relating to block chain technology and transactions in cryptocurrency for all businesses in the cannabis industry.

Stock & Share Structure Specifics:

  • Total common shares issued and outstanding: 375,649,947 (Source:
    • Company recently retired 30 million shares, showing their dedication to protecting investor value.
  • Total preferred shares authorized: 0
  • Float: 260,304,163
  • No change in share structure since 2013
  • Zero debt, zero convertibles, zero preferred shares issued.

Why invest in UAMM?

There have been many theses written on what is going to happen as California goes full legal on January 1st.  Revenues, stocks, direct and indirect services, providers…everyone and everything connected to the cannabis industry is going to BOOM.  This is our opportunity.  It is our chance as investors to be in “in the right place, at the right time.”

Why consider UAMM to invest in? 

  • UAMM is located in Irvine, California – right in the heart of California legalization.
  • The share structure is clean and low float – no debt, no toxic financing, no preferred shares issued. The small float is locked in strong hands, this has been shown with big price moves on small volume and in my communication with many of the shareholders.
  • In the latest press release, UAMM announced they were considering accepting payments for its services in cryptocurrency in addition to traditional payment methods. Leveraging its technical background, UAMM has also been reviewing the viability of providing consulting services relating to block chain technology and transactions in cryptocurrency for all businesses in the cannabis industry.  With the numerous business connections UAMM has made, UAMM has positioned itself to be a leader and forerunner in providing consulting services relating to block chain.  This is HUGE and in communication with investor relations, the company has said to look for a press release providing more details for this crypto/block chain venture in the very near future.
  • MJCircle and Cannaxa will being collecting revenues on December 26, 2017. They will book significant sales revenue from both websites on the 4th.
  • UAMM does not “touch the plant.” There is going to be a HUGE demand for marijuana, a HUGE number of suppliers and a HUGE number of businesses providing direct sales.  There will be TONS of consumers and TONS of competition for sales.  This is where UAMM’s unique niche will position them as an industry staple.  UAMM facilitates this connection between the supply side and the demand side.  With so many businesses popping up, trying to get a piece of the revenues – who are they going to look to for advertising?  Mainstream advertising is still illegal. That’s right – advertise, and pay for premium services and advertisements on MJCircle and Cannaxa.
  • On September 28, 2017, UAMM’s interim CEO Thu Pham stepped down in favor of Lou Klein (see: press release). This was excellent for the company on 2 levels.  First, Lou Klein has been involved in the Southern California business community for over 20 years with extensive business consulting, sales and insurance experience as well as a diverse background in the medical cannabis industry.  He’s a perfect match for the direction UAMM decided to take in its “growth phase” with MJCirle and Cannaxa.  Second, Thu Pham remained on as a director.  Thu Pham is a director and has ties to Sipp Industries and Wanderport Corporation.  All 3 stocks/companies have been moving up, its setting up as a mutually beneficial triangle between the companies.
  • Cannamedi will be launched in early 2018, another revenue producing website. Cannamedi will get free advertising on MJCircle and Cannaxa, great exposure for no charge.


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, By Dean Avery