Not sure what method of measurement was used to compile this teaser report, but here you go, drum roll..

A cadre of savvy, young CBD entrepreneurs, like cbdMD (YCBD) and Medterra (Private) effectively leveraging marketing and PR tools to rapidly drive brand awareness and digital sales, emphasizing the importance of digital marketing in this growing market.

Top 10 CBD Companies, Marijuana Stock Review

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Not sure of data source here either, buy golly gee – $24 billioon – who’s to argue!

“The 2018 Farm Bill brought immense change to the industrial hemp world, legalizing the cultivation of hemp and opening the floodgates for a brand new CBD industry. With the move of hemp from the Controlled Substances list to an agricultural commodity, numerous companies had the confidence to enter the CBD space. Q2 saw large retailers like CVS and Walgreens introduce CBD products in select states, signaling to the rest of the country that CBD is going mainstream. 2019 is shaping up to be a massive year for cannabidiol (CBD), leading to just over a $4 billion industry by end of year – a 562% increase over 2018. By 2025, Brightfield Group estimates that the total U.S. CBD market could reach $24.4 billion.”

Annual CBD Sales, Marijuana Stock Review