Capital Ideas TV: Blockchain Special Episode Part I.

Capital ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Don Tapscott, the technology evangelist and best-selling co-author of Blockchain Revolution, about how and why blockchain is the “second era of the internet” and will seismically change the way the world operates.

Mark talks to the CEO of red-hot HIVE Blockchain Technologies
(HIVE-V), Harry Pokrandt, who explains the company’s bitcoin mining model and how, through its cash flow positive facilities in Scandinavia, its going to quickly grow revenue and earnings.

Contributor Fabrice Taylor walks us through the labyrinth of blockchain financings, how to spot winners and how to avoid getting suckered by the latest promoter slapping blockchain on a company name and selling it to unsuspecting investors.

We also speak to technology veteran Michael Gaffney, the CEO of Leonovus Inc. (LTV-V), which has just signed up one of the big six banks to prove its concept of combining blockchain to its existing distributed storage technology to keep data safe without using legacy systems, which are prone to hacking.