And Boy Did They Have a Good Time.

Aside from trading commodities, we’ve made money in every way imaginable including risk arbitrage, flipping closed-end funds and even trading zero-coupon municipal bonds on 10% margin (all in the early eighties). We’ve also lost in every way possible. And while losing money is always disappointing – many of the circumstances involving the loss are the most comical.

Like when we lost money in a Mexican restaurant chain because the price of avocados soared and the cost to make guacamole devastated their profit margins. Avocados, really?

Those bastard short-sellers got us good.

Then we lost with an alternative energy company that acquired all the land they needed in Southern California to put up 100 windmills, only to later learn just as they were about to break ground, that someone spotted a Northern Spotted Owl and tree-huggers nixed the whole project.

We never did figure out how the hell a Northern CA Owl made its way down to Los Angeles. Rumors were short-sellers hired a bunch of hippies in a bus to bring it down (one owl, not a flock) but we didn’t have video proof. Our stock did a ‘poof-the-magic-dragon.’


This one has to go down in the annals of “WAIT, WHAT, how did you lose money?”

Before we continue, kudos to management for being very transparent with this unforeseen disaster. Some management hides in times of adversity- they did not.

Sadly this was our favorite small-cap growers and a client (we only follow two growers) and management is one of the most talented and hardworking group of individuals we have ever come across.

Tough to see this happen, but what can one do when a wild pack of Antelopes goes rouge on your property. First owls and now antelope, sometimes you just can’t catch a break. And this was a property that had an offer to be acquired for $24 million.

CROP Announces Signing of Real Estate Purchase Agreement for Tonopah, Nevada Property for Gross USD $24.0 Million

We are studying for the potential of a bounce, bottom, recovery.

10-11-2019 UPDATES: CROP Seeking Changes to Under-Performing U.S. LLCs and Crop Corp In Default on Nevada THC Property, Secured Debt

Crop’s ‘Hard Lessons Learned’ in Nevada Hemp and THC Farms After Weed Infestation

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CROP INFRASTRUCTURE CORP. (CSE:CROP) (CRXPF) (2FR.F) announced today it has completed September site visits in Nevada with its consultants and joint venture partners at the hemp and THC farms where weeds have caused major losses.

After drone reconnaissance, and sample plant counts were completed, it was established that eight of 10 of the company’s hemp pivots have been severely affected by invasive weeds.

If we ever find those Antelope. Antelope burgers on the house.

In several northern pivots, a herd of antelope also caused significant damage. The company’s operating partner had employed a farming method of planting cover crops to keep the weeds away, however, it was not effective with the exception of all but two pivots.

The company and joint venture partner are further reviewing the causes of the operational failure. The company has decided to release the leased 850 acres of lost pivoted crops and focus on the remaining pivots covering 500 acres.

CROP further announced today that the proposed sale of the Nevada THC asset has now lapsed and the agreement has been terminated. CROP will continue to look for suitable joint venture partners, purchasers, or will continue developing and planting the farm in the 2020 season.

$51,024.87 has been received in warrant exercises at $0.13 since its previously announcement of the early warrant incentive program.

As a result of the disappointing harvest and to make CROP more attractive to potential partners the company has been working with its associate companies in order to prepare the exercise options it holds to increase its ownership on its various assets, the strike price of which is USD $500 each. The company will prepare its books for the audit and accounting implications of increasing its ownership at each subsidiary.

Wheeler Park Properties, LLCWA30%70%
Humboldt Holdings, LLCCA49%70%
Elite Ventures Group, LLCNV49%84%

Michael Yorke, CEO, stated: “We have been humbled by the realities of commercial scale farming with hard lessons learned, but we are determined to forge ahead and we are readying our teams to complete the harvesting of the remaining hemp in Nevada, and THC in California, Washington and Oklahoma as the October harvest season is just around the corner.

“The company has always planned to increase its ownership of its various assets, though we had previously looked to do this after the project had achieved a profitable milestone.

“As state rights become stronger and with banking provisions falling into place, CROP will now look to take a control position just as soon as our accounting department has declared we are in a position to do so.”

About CROP

CROP is publicly listed on the CSE and trades under the symbol “CROP”, in the US on the OTC under the symbol “CRXPF”, and on the Frankfurt exchange under the symbol “2FR”. CROP has developed a portfolio of asset investments including; two in Washington State, medical and recreational in California, a 1,012-acre Nevada Cannabis farm, 500 acre Hemp CBD farm and a growing portfolio of common share equity in upcoming listings within the cannabis space. Further as well as Canna Drink, a cannabis infused functional beverage line. Crop has a 16 Cannabis brands as well as US distribution rights to over 55 cannabis topical products and a portfolio of 16 Cannabis brands.

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Michael Yorke – CEO and Director 

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Phone: (604) 484-4206

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