Up 40%, Crop Corp (CRXPF) Remains Our Favorite Idea as First Harvest is Just Weeks Away.

Expanding, Diversifying and Hitting on All Cylinders. What’s Not to Like?

On June 29th, after dropping to $0.20 Canadian and $0.15 US, from its post-IPO high of $0.80, we announced Crop Corp as our ‘favorite idea’ for both the short and long term. It’s a practice we rarely engage in (calling favorites), but it’s similarly rare for a Company which is hitting on all cylinders, to see it’s stock hitting new lows. So we stepped out of our norm and made the call.

With the shares now up 40% in six weeks, ‘mission accomplished’ on our short-term call. Now the question is can it continue to perform? Meaning a year or two out. The answer in our opinion is yes, with the first catalyst being the seeds that they have planted (quite literally) in the State of Washington are just now getting ready to harvest. Two weeks we’re told is all we need to wait.

Read the full report here.

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