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APHA, MArijuana Stock Review

Video: Aphria (APHA) $5.40 CEO on CNCB With Kramer.

Video Link. Live chart. Nice 40% bounce on numbers in early August, but then gave it back. We think it looks cheap here.

La Jolla Beach Pad.

Discover the ultimate bachelor pad in La Jolla, California from CNBC.

Trump Ushers In Legal Tipping Point for Marijuana (CNBC).

How legal weed reached a tipping point in the Trump era Former House Speaker John Boehner joined the board of a marijuana company, saying his thinking about the drug had "evolved." President Trump assured...

US Cannabis Firm MedMen To Go Public in Canada. (CNBC)

US cannabis companies look to Canada when going public Stringent regulation and fear of federal intervention make international exchanges look more attractive to American cannabis companies. MedMen joins a growing list of American cannabis...

Jeff Sessions. California’s Legal Marijuana Businesses Just Got Harder to Bank. (CNBC)

Jeff Sessions just made it even harder for California's legal marijuana businesses to find a place to put their cash Jeff Sessions' decided to rescind relatively lax guidelines for federal regulation of state marijuana...

Humbolt County Life on CNBC Tuesday.

Humbolt County gets the green light: How business is changing as America's marijuana epicenter goes legal. Next on | The Profit in Marijuana Country from CNBC. In November 2016, voters in California approved a ballot measure...

A New Website Wants to be ‘CNBC for Cannabis.

Business Insider reports a new website launched aims to be the cannabis industry's preeminent source for in-depth financial reporting. The Green Market Report will publish news briefs on all facets of the cannabis business, including banking issues, investment,...