Video: Today is Cannabis 2.0 Day in Canada!

On Oct. 17 Canada as a nation, finally legalizes cannabis-infused beverages, edibles, vapes, and similar products.

CBD Poisonings, Yup There’s an App for That.

As the Sales of CBD are Booming, so are the Poisonings. The American Association of Poison Control Centers is a national non-profit organization representing each of the 55 poison control centers in the United States,...

Nass Valley’s (NVG.CN) Joint Venture Partner Wins 10 Most Influential Companies Award.

(Trading Symbol: NGC-CA, NSVGF-US, 3NVN-Berlin) INTERVIEW: Nass Valley CEO & COO Gavin Collier and Jordan Erskine, Win Award for DBS, Nass Valley's Joint Venture CBD Manufacturing Partner. Read Full Article on CIO Bulletin

Video: What is CBD OIL?

What is CBD Oil, How it Works and What is it Used for from MarijuanaBreak on Vimeo.
Best CBD Oil, Nass Valley CBD

Run Faster, Jump Higher, Sleep Better! Seven Top CBD Products Designed to Spruce Your...

From helping with anxiety or lethargy, relaxation, pain, sleep, and so many other ailments, CBD-infused products have become a go-to for all things wellness and beauty. Run Faster, Jump Higher. Nass Valley Garden's Energize. Get long-lasting energy...
APHA, MArijuana Stock Review

Video: Aphria (APHA) $5.40 CEO on CNCB With Kramer.

Video Link. Live chart. Nice 40% bounce on numbers in early August, but then gave it back. We think it looks cheap here.

Is Trulieve (TCNNF) $8.60, Taking Over Florida Pot Stores?

Florida’s medical cannabis industry has only one truly dominant player (MJBizDaily). Has the share price bottomed? After disastrous post-IPO Trading plunging from $17 to $7 (Opened 200% higher on day one), the share priced recovered...
Nass Valley, Marijuana Stock Review

Adding NASS Valley (NVG.CN, NSVGF, 3NVN Berlin) to Marijuana Stock Review Watch List ($0.06).

Shhh. Don't Tell Two Friends. We Found a CBD Marketing Machine in the Making. You may have noticed over the last 10-20 years, we're pretty good at stumbling across some really obscure companies very, very...
Dynamic Blending Specialists

Dynamic Blending Specialists – CBD Experts.

Dynamic Blending is a Turnkey Licensed CBD Contract Processor and Manufacturer. "After many years spent working for other contract manufacturers, we embarked on our own manufacturing adventure in early 2015. In the beginning, Dynamic...